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South Carolina Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity


South Carolina Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (SC CIC) is a SLED-sponsored initiative whose mission is to provide critical services and share cybersecurity intelligence to help prevent and respond to cyber incidents that could affect the state’s critical infrastructure organizations.


SC CIC personnel are continuously trained in analyzing, protecting, responding to, mitigating, and recovering from the effects and consequences of any such incidents or attacks on municipalities, counties, and private critical infrastructure to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of South Carolina’s citizens and businesses. SC CIC services are funded by state and federal funds, so there is no further cost to participants.



  • Vulnerability Scanning – Gives the organization the ability to determine external security vulnerabilities.

  • Ability to conduct phishing campaigns with additional online cybersecurity training.

  • Cyber threat intelligence that’s specific to an organization, sector, or region.

  • Cyber Posture Review – Self-assessment using industry standards to give a cyber resiliency report.

  • Adversary Emulation – See how your systems would respond to an attack to learn to defend against them.

  • Incident consultation, guidance, and response during a significant cyber event.

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For more information, please email 

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