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South Coast Regional Innovation Engine: Cybersecurity Solutions for the Maritime Transportation Ecosystem

The South Coast Regional Innovation Engine seeks to conduct research to understand the interdependencies, vulnerabilities and risks in the maritime transportation ecosystem in order to develop technologies to materially improve cybersecurity through partnerships with academia, industry and government.


The outcome of this Development Award will more clearly define the maritime cybersecurity needs and gaps that currently exist, innovations and solutions required to address these gaps, and establish tangible innovation, technology and workforce development plans needed to address industry challenges. These insights and plans will serve as a foundation for a subsequent Regional Innovation Engine award by the NSF to translate these initial planning efforts into execution.


We envision a world class Innovation Engine for maritime cybersecurity education, research, experimentation, investment and commercialization of products with regional and national impact. The project’s initial focus will be the Port of Charleston. Locally, the project will be known as “Maritime Cybersecurity Institute (MCI)”.

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